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+ The Rarest Bootleg Vinyls - Whats Yours? + (26-05-2007 à 11h37)
Hi Ya'll

Lets start a wee forum discussion. For all you old skool fans (up to Justice) whats the rarest bootleg vinyl out there? What do you have that you think is almost impossible to find? Whats worth the most? Who has the rarest vinyl in the world?

I'll go first. I have a lot of vinyls but would say these 2 are rare :
1) Acting Like a Maniac (Donington, 1985)
2) Maximus Metallus (picture disc) (San Fran, 1982)

A lot of people say 'We'll Nail You Down' (Lorely, Germany 1985) but there always seem to be plenty around, besides it the same recording as 'Disposbale Heros' which I have.

Anyone else there in our wee planet?


Belfast, Ireland
+ FAO : Nico + (26-05-2007 à 11h26)

You cant buy it anymore from any site as it is deleted (no longer made). You need to check eBay regularly but do it on a worldwide search option. Thats where I got mine. Unfortunately the one I bought wasn't well looked after, it needed cleaned, etc. I'd say it is 5/10 in terms of condition - a bit crackly. All my other vinyls are in mint condition.
Check eBay, type in 'metallica vinyl' and then go down the page and click on 'worldwide'. You can pick stuff up in China, America, Sweeden, Spain, anywhere. It'll take you a while to find one but someone somewhere will be selling at some stage.
Godd luck.
+ Message for Paul + (19-05-2007 à 12h23)
yes, I want just to have a site where I could know the price of the vinyl .
if you can transmit one of them to me that would be sympathetic

+ Message for Nico + (18-05-2007 à 20h13)
Nico, my french is not good. Are you looking for the bootleg vinyl of 'Back in the Saddle Again'?

Belfast, Ireland
+ David + (15-05-2007 à 23h09)


je vends le bootleg vynil "disposible heroes" enregistré la 14 septembre 1985 au Loreley festival . Il est en excellent état.
+ Nico + (15-05-2007 à 21h41)
Bonjour à tous je recherche un site ou je pourrais acheter le Live Back in the saddle again du 12 /12/1984 en vinyls.
Merci .
+ + (07-04-2007 à 08h43)
+ Chris from Maastricht + (03-03-2007 à 03h50)
Im selling some old vinyl bootlegs from Metallica and also some cd bootlegs. All in excellent shape. Contact me:
Metallica rules and great site :-)
+ + (17-01-2007 à 23h28)
+ Tony + (15-01-2007 à 11h51)
BAD TRADER - Alain Boulanger
Watch out for this guy And don't trade with Alain Boulanger. Severals years (2 3 years ago,), i have made a trade for 20 cd (phil collins and genesis) ! i send it to him ! He dont received the packet and i have resend it an other ! He have received it but i wait always my toto trade !
He tell me to me that he's gone to brazil...



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