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+ + (26-03-2006 à 04h21)
+ + (26-03-2006 à 04h21)
+ Stoner915 + (24-03-2006 à 20h51)
i need some bootlegs if anyone is selling i would buy even if cd-r
+ Sprdav77 + (14-03-2006 à 16h25)
I just got 50 below zero,does anyone have this one?mine doesnt have any artwork in the back,im trying to find out if its missing or it never had it .Any help would be great.
+ Sprdav77 + (14-03-2006 à 16h24)
Cool site,keep it up!!
+ Gazza + (03-03-2006 à 12h00)
I heard that Metallica did 1 maybe 2 GASKIN covers, perhaps "I'm No Fool" and/or "No Way Out" could anybody enlighten me on this, and where I could get a copy with these on. Please mail me at Cracker2band@yahoo.co.uk
+ Peter + (29-01-2006 à 18h37)
hello my friends ,
I`m looking for the metal up your ass 2lp`s multicolored vinyl or white vinyl.please.e.mail me:
+ Zekeyou@sverige.nu + (27-12-2005 à 19h16)
Have some VINYL BOOTLEGS sale!!
mail your offer!

Horsemen of the apokalypse-devil records 1986-125
Metal milita-metal records 1986 (se-3905)
No life ´til power-(picdisc)snake records
No life ´til power- snake records-sr 10002
Live before death-(pink vinyl + 7")jmp 6
…Let god sort ´em out-after hours rec. (metal-03)Phantom lord-(w. insert)Brutal death rec.
"Cleveland´83" (b/w pic disc)
Metal up your ass-(white vinyl) headbangers rec
Death mission-(w. lars autograph)kabjdo records
Disposible heroes-steel blade inc
We ´ll nail you down-rockeport label
Live- (cliff em all cover)(brazil bootleg)
Demonic invocation-(4 autograph/jason)Northlake
Flitstones & jetsons-taifun rec (2nd Version)
For metallians only-w. lars auto (1st press)
Master of evil- (pic disc) evil rec.
Damaged in belgium- (3single lp vol3 no cover)
The pigs are alright-taurus records

Condition Unplayed or Mint,Near mint
...can mail pix on cover,label ect.
Paypal or letter, no postage ripoff!
+ Mames jetfield + (12-12-2005 à 19h32)
Hi to all Metallica-Addicts worldwide! I’ve listed some very rare vinyl items at ebay.de, ebay.co.uk and ebay.com a few minutes ago, and will post more tomorrow. If you like to, please have a look. My seller name is “dolem8”. Thanks!!!
+ Sanne from Holland again + (05-10-2005 à 15h14)
And I'm talking about audio-recordings, not dvd or video!! So if you have some old stuff, I would really appreciate it.


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