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+ Mathieu + (17-03-2005 à 03h45)
I have several CDs that I am going to get rid of. They include :
Sucking My Love / Sucking My Love(Part 2 The Sequel) / Tower Of Strength / Demonic Invocation / The Four Horsemen(3 CD boxset) / Open Graves / Almost The Last Gig (Parts 1 and 2) / Live Before Death Vol . One / Live Before Death Vol. 2 / Live & Dangerous / One Last Visit / Public Execution / Acting Like A Maniac / An Album For You / Electric Chair / Angels From Hell / Japanese Tour 89-90 (2 CD) e-mail me at mkdue1122@yahoo.com if interested in anything.

+ Scotty + (09-03-2005 à 01h31)

I was redoing my house and found an old bootleg from metallica back from their Summer Shit tour of 94. It is a snakeskin wallet which has 2 cd;s inside from the sacramento expo in it july/1994. It has on the inside #34/35 so i'm thinking this may be very valuable. Please email hambomes@gmail.com if u have any info!
+ Jack Doolan + (25-01-2005 à 14h53)
I am looking for a video of Metallica's set without Lars at Download 2004.E-mail is doolan.jd@oundle.northants.sch.uk
+ Jack Doolan. + (25-01-2005 à 14h53)
I am looking for a video of Metallica's set without Lars at download festival 2004.
+ Filip + (21-01-2005 à 19h02)
I own "The freak's not here" bootleg. Excellent quality, almost never been played.
I want to sell it for a good price.

+ Email: SctWynne@aol.com + (11-12-2004 à 19h28)
I'm looking for a boot from Gothenburg, Sweden in 1987 called, "All Things Must Come To An End." I have a boot of the same show called Tower of Strength, but it is lacking Trapped Under Ice. I have a fair amount of stuff to trade. E-mail me if interested.
+ Davichefner@yahoo.com + (09-12-2004 à 04h41)
i am desperately looking to replace cds i used tohave. can you assist me in obtaining such recodings as 1)acting like a maniac, 2) tower of strength,3) captains of krunch. i want originals with art work etc. intact, no cdr's etc. please get back to me asap. thank you
+ Brett Ward + (11-11-2004 à 21h14)
Hey guys I have a copy of the bootleg "The Apocalypse" for sell. Contact me at feelinit12@yahoo.com for futher info.
+ Dyny + (06-11-2004 à 21h38)
how can i dowload
+ Miroslav + (20-10-2004 à 01h10)
I Look for some covers of bootlegs.

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