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"So let it be written"
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+ Tyrone Biggums + (22-05-2004 à 10h31)
anyone want to trade? got some metallic stuff. i also got may other bands. email for list.
+ Chey + (19-05-2004 à 11h47)
i contact you soon my email is fucked but it will be fixed soon tell me your website address i tell me wat you have and i tell you mine
+ Metallica Guy John + (16-05-2004 à 02h28)
Your Website kicks major ass!!! Keep up the good work!! Lookin at ya from the U.S.A
+ Hetgod + (08-05-2004 à 16h10)
I'm from belgium in the middle of Europe, you can contact me at the e-mail you can see on my site. Please contact me if you want to trade.
+ Chey + (07-05-2004 à 13h53)
any one fancy trading ive good some real cool stuff my best has to be oakland 85 with cliff i have a big enough collection but want anyone interested give me your email adress make sure i know your talkin to me o.k
+ Kirk + (25-04-2004 à 17h40)
Oh, f*ck!!
You have cool bootlegs...

Btw, I am from Slovakia... I must have it...
I will send you my list later, if you want... :))
+ Kirk + (25-04-2004 à 17h35)
...And btw, where are u from?
+ Kirk + (25-04-2004 à 17h35)
I see you have Moscow 91...
I have first version like you and I will have full video too but in worse quality, I would wanna have your version...
Can I? :o))
+ Hetgod + (17-04-2004 à 00h56)
I'm up for trading, check my site for the lists:

+ Jec + (09-04-2004 à 05h36)
i need bootlegs pleace i trade whit you my e-mail
count is jeccardenas@hotmail.com

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