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"So let it be written"
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+ Www.cu2.nl/fey-metallica + (23-07-2003 à 10h33)
great site man! I've got some bootlegs too. Want one? inthorn_erik@hotmail.com
+ Alex + (13-07-2003 à 00h49)
A most useful site. Found alot of live stuff I didn't know about, but who listens to these recordings to rate them!? Some of them I've heard before and you rate them as 'very good' when the sound quality is absolutly terrible - an example is the Live In USA box set. It sounds like it was recorded in a dustbin! You gave it 'tres bon'...!! Anyway, never mind. Apart from that, nice site.

+ Boody + (12-07-2003 à 14h51)
nice site but why are there so less front covers of the bootleg albums?
+ MoNkEy + (10-06-2003 à 00h55)
depuis le temps que je viens sur ce site j'aurais du deja mettre un message mais bon, me voila...
bravo pour ton site!! le plus complet et pratique sur les bootlegs et tout ca en francais, vraiment bravo!!!!
et merci pour toutes les infos qu'on peut trouver sur ce site ;)
+ Good Site + (25-05-2003 à 03h25)
Congratutations for you site. On the other hand, I have the Bootleg: "WIN LOSE OR DRAW" in Stockolm, please contact me if you are interested, I also want to know if you trade or sale your bootz.
+ Metallicafan + (16-05-2003 à 18h00)
You have a great site with a lot of information about the bootleg cd's from Metallica.
Really great.
I have one question:Where can i found or buy(not trading)original bootleg cd's from Metallica.
I have look by metfor sale and that is a great one but i looking for more bootleg cd's to buy.
+ Miguel + (03-05-2003 à 06h41)
exelent page....
i like download the cover art in normal size
+ Leendert + (29-01-2003 à 19h58)
Yeah, you got a great page!!! It's cool to search you Metallica bootleg database. Do you own all of them?


+ MARK + (02-01-2003 à 23h06)
good site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! METALLICA ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ George + (20-11-2002 à 11h08)
I would be nice if all the info on the website was in English cause most people dont' understand french, thanks

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